What Makes Kim Dao a Popular Blogger?

Kim dao is a renowned Australian YouTuber and blogger. According to her website, she is a simple and ordinary woman who totally enjoys fashion, travelling, and fashion. Kim dao graduated from University of Western Australia and she studied Japanese and psychology. She first started her currently popular’Kim Dao’ blog in 2011 to maintain a digital track of her lovely memories while on a holiday to Japan. She fell in love deeply with all the culture and landscape of the country and as such, wanted to make sure that she maintained every detail of the wonderful trip. Within no time, she started bringing lots of attention and fascination from readers that appreciated her blogs. This compelled her to make YouTube channel and began sharing videos about her travels, style, and makeup tutorials.

Through the years, kim dao had the opportunity and privilege to work with several well-known brands including Schwarzkopf, Shu Uemura, Amore Pacific, Liz Lisa, Etude House, amongst others. She has also featured on various TV shows and newspapers in Western Australia and Japan. Kim dao is open to advertising partnerships and collaborations and interested individuals can email her. For more information please visit here https://www.tokyocreative.jp/influencers/21

On being inquired about her everyday schedule and the way she makes her time productive, kim dao responded that everything varies daily. However, she typically starts her day by sending messages to her own followers. Her communication with the viewers gives her the chance of understanding the sorts of videos and articles which they’d love to see or read. After communication with her followers, kim dao better grasps the things which she need to perform on a particular day.

Kim dao also revealed that her success could be attributed to communication. It makes her to understand what kinds of articles her followers desire. Her efforts to reach out and understand her followers enable kim dao to get feedback immediately. The instant responses from her followers gives kim dao the opportunity to make necessary alterations.

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